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Psst...I Have a New Release!

The summer has simply flown by and I've taken full advantage of it! I have to admit, though, I've been a little lax in updating you all with news of my books. I hope to get a bit better about that in the very near future.

So, I want to take this opportunity to announce a new release that came out at the beginning of August. If you haven't gotten a chance to begin the We've Only Just Begun series, I have a treat for you. You can download the first three books now in this one convenient set.

The titles included in this set are as follows:

Feels Like the First Time, Bettina and Gabe's meet-cute is my fave

I Want You to Want Me, Delaney and Bryce's one-night stand gone wrong

Some Kind of Wonderful, Presley and Braxton's secrets are revealed

I'd love to hear your feedback! Reach out to me anytime!


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