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So Many Things To Share!

I'm so excited today because I have so many things to share with you. I've been pretty busy lately getting books cranked out, hoping to share all of the stories with you that I have roaming around in my head. It's getting pretty crowded up there! :) So first, I'm really excited to announce my latest book is available for pre-order NOW on Amazon. It will be released on Tuesday, April 20, and it is Book Four of my We've Only Just Begun Series. So, if you're ready to dive into i

I'm Looking for Beta Readers!

If you've ever wanted to get your hands on my stories before they're available to purchase or read on #KindleUnlimited, now is your chance! I'm currently in the process of looking for beta readers who don't mind reading and critiquing for the purpose of helping authors publish their books. As a beta reader, you'll receive a free copy of my books prior to publication and give me your honest opinions on them. I'll then take your suggestions and make my book even better before s

I'm All About the FREE BOOKS Today!

I am so excited to be sharing with you some great deals on FREE BOOKS! Who couldn't use more #freebooks in their lives? I've teamed up with some other great authors to bring you a selection of free romance books to help you through the end of February. And, if you've been stuck inside because of the weather this week, then you may be ready for some more books anyway! If you see something that intrigues you, just click on the picture or on the link below it to see the list of

How is 2021 Going For You?

I'm a little leary about asking how life is going since the end of the year that was 2020? While many are still reeling from last year, I am trying to catch my breath as much as I can. The thing that has kept me going is writing my books. I am also really enjoying reading the work of others. I am about to start reading the new Cherry Falls Romance series started by Hope Ford and Frankie Love. This series looks so fun to me! Have you read anything lately that you've absolutely

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