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Here's Another New Release

In my last post, I shared a release from a couple of weeks ago. Today, I have another one to announce, and I am so excited about it! The new series is Mending Broken Hearts and it's all about the redemptive power of love. We could all use a little more of that, couldn't we? Book One is out now. You can download Splintered Hearts here. Mending broken hearts, one love story at a time. Dylan: I didn't give a damn about matters of the heart in the past, never sticking with one gi

So Many Things To Share!

I'm so excited today because I have so many things to share with you. I've been pretty busy lately getting books cranked out, hoping to share all of the stories with you that I have roaming around in my head. It's getting pretty crowded up there! :) So first, I'm really excited to announce my latest book is available for pre-order NOW on Amazon. It will be released on Tuesday, April 20, and it is Book Four of my We've Only Just Begun Series. So, if you're ready to dive into i

An Inconvenient Flame - Book Three

I hope you've been loving reading all about the Fagan family in Thankful Hearts. It's been so much fun to write, and I hope you're having as much fun as I am. Book Three - An Inconvenient Flame is available now for your reading pleasure. When widowed mother of three, Everleigh Fagan-Mason, returns home to visit for Thanksgiving, she's looking forward to a little peaceful downtime. Her high school love, the cocky and handsome Carson Greenwood, makes it nearly impossible for he

Are You Ready For Book Two?

Love Out of Time, Book Two of Thankful Hearts is out now. I'm so excited about this book, and I think it's going to end up being my favorite in the series. Oldest sibling Brooks returns home from a training class and meets Missy, his sister's best friend. They are instantly smitten with one another and spend the rest of the day trying to keep their hands off of each other. This is my favorite cover of the series too! Thanks so much for reading! Bree #steamysmalltownromance #h

Thankful Hearts - Book One

In case you missed it, I released two books last week. My new series, Thankful Hearts, tells the story of the loves of the four Fagan siblings in tiny Thankful, TN. You won't want to miss this #steamysmalltownromance series. I'm so excited about them. Book One, The Trouble With Hello, features the youngest sibling, Kimmy, and her attempt to enjoy Thanksgiving before all hell breaks loose when her parents discover a secret she's been hiding. While traveling home, she meets the

Book 6 is Available Now!

It's a bittersweet day for me because the FINAL book of The Men of The Double Down Fitness Club is live now. You can find Loving Him Completely here. I'm very proud of the series, and I hope that you have loved reading about the guys as much as I've loved writing about them. Don't be too sad, though. I have a very special announcement to make later this week that you won't want to miss! See you soon! Bree #newbook #steamyromance #shortreads #kindlebargain #freeonku


Hi, everyone! I'm so glad you found my little spot in the world. My name is Bree, and I write steamy romance stories that are quick to read and likely to get you hot under the collar! My debut has just been released, and it's FREE on #KindleUnlimited. You can find it here: Loving His Workout. It's a #shortread, categorized as a #OneHourRead. I'd love to hear what you think of my story, so be sure to leave a review when you've finished reading it. As you can see from the book

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