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Finding New Authors

Hey, guys. I have teamed up with some best-selling authors to bring some great books to you. Many of them are discounted for the month of September. Check out the links below for all the information. Click the picture above or this link to see the #RomanticSuspense deals this month. If you're more interested in #alphamale books (and who isn't?) click this picture or this link for those. I'll have more of these coming throughout the month, so keep checking in with the blog! Br

Who Are Your Favorite Romance Authors?

Today I want to know about some of your favorite romance authors. Tell me who are the ones who get your blood pumping every time? Do you have some "auto-buy" authors? Who are they? For me, the one I love the most doesn't consider herself to be a romance author, or so I've heard. I will always and forever love Diana Gabaldon and her Outlander series. Who doesn't love a gorgeous man in a kilt who would kill or die for the woman he loves? Some of my other favorites are Hope Ford

Loving Him Again - Releases Tomorrow 07/28/20

(Spoiler Alert: It may even go LIVE tonight!) I'm so excited to announce the second book of The Men of The Double Down Fitness Club will be available tomorrow, Tuesday, July 28, 2020! Just like the first book in the series, Loving Him Again tells the story of a sexy #alphamale and his sassy #curvywoman. This is the story of Vin Michaels and his high school sweetheart Julia Sinclair, so if you love a second chance romance as I do, be sure to check it out. Also just like the fi

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